We do have the ability to fix most small clocks. The most common repairs for these is a new movement or fixing the hands. Typical cost for a new movement is $29.00. The estimates are completely FREE and there is no obligation!

Get a FREE estimate on the cost to repair your clock or watch!


Sometimes watches only need small repairs or things like replacement watch bands. We do carry parts and have the ability to order in parts for most watch repairs. Some of the most common are:

  • Gasket (makes the watch water resistant) $2.00
  • Pin (holds links together and the band to the watch) $3.00
  • Band adjustment (adding or removing links from a metal band) $5.00
  • Dryout (when water gets in and fogs the crystal) $5.00
  • New leather or metal bands vary in price

​When you need replacement links for metal watch bands, they can be difficult to find. Price for these will vary based on our ability to find replacement links.


If a watch crystal breaks or scratches, they can be removed and replaced with a new one. The standard crystal is a round mineral crystal and we carry a large range of sizes.

  • Mineral crystals are $22.00 plus tax

If your watch has a square crystal or one that is a unique shape, the replacement would have to be custom cut or special ordered. In some cases the replacement crystal must come from the company that makes the watch. In any of these cases, price will vary and we offer FREE estimates for them. 


When watches need service, we offer FREE estimates on the cost to repair them. Estimates are provided by our professional watch maker who is certified to work on nearly every watch (including Rolex). Our watch maker comes and picks up the watches and takes them back to his shop where he does a full diagnosis. If you decide you do not want to fix the watch there is no charge and it is returned as is. If you do decide to fix the watch cost depends on the estimate.