Most repairs are done NEXT DAY

 Repairs are done


Appointments Available!

  • Custom jewelry
  • Custom repairs
  • Changing existing stones
  • Adding stones
  • Changing clasps, bails, and jump loops
  • Changing earrings (ex: push back to screw back)

Repairs are not limited to only the things listed. Price will vary; this list is a basic guideline to our pricing. Bring in any piece and discuss with the jeweler the options of repairing or customizing it and the cost.

Repairs That Vary In Price:

These repairs have no set price and require an in-person estimate.

  • Replacing missing stones
  • Reinforcing items
  • Adding half or quarter shank to a ring
  • Resetting stones that fell out
  • Changing a setting
  • Adding safety chains
We offer a wide variety of repairs not limited to those listed below. ALL of our jewelry repair is done IN STORE by our master jeweler. Actual price for repairs will vary due to things like size, number of stones, and care required to ensure that repairs are done correctly. Typically repairs take 24 hours. Should you want repairs done while you wait, please call and make an appointment with our jeweler. Repairs that are done while you wait are more expensive and do not follow this price list.

  • Ring Sizing: Average cost is $18.00 for one size in yellow gold and sterling silver and $6.00 for every additional size. For white gold, average cost is $25.00 for one size and $10.00 for every additional size. 

  • Solder: Soldering a piece means taking the same metal and adding to it where it broke. Before any piece is soldered, it is cleaned thoroughly to ensure that the solder holds. Pricing ranges from $8.00 to $12.00 for typical solders.

  • Rhodium Plate: When a piece is rhodium plated, it has a thin layer of white gold added to the piece. This removes any scratches on a white gold piece and can change a yellow gold piece to white. This plating does wear off over time and does eventually need to be redone as it is NOT permanent. Typically, the cost is $30.00 per item/pair of earrings. Rhodium plating sterling silver is typically $35.00 per item/pair of earrings (this is because rhodium cannot be used again after plating sterling).

  • Gold Plate: When a piece is gold plated, it has a thin layer of high karat yellow gold added to it. Gold plating sterling silver is very difficult and may need to be redone multiple times. Some metals cannot be plated. Typical cost is $20.00 per piece. This is NOT permanent and does wear off over time.

  • Prongs: When a prong is worn down it would be re-tipped. Re-tiping the prongs prevents the stones they hold from coming lose and being lost. Typically this cost is $8.00 per prong. If a prong has broken completely, it is typically $24.00 to replace it. Adding prongs to an item typically costs $14.00 per prong.

  • Ring Guards: Adding a ring guard can size a ring smaller without actually sizing the ring. They can also help prevent a ring from spinning on your finger without making it so that you are unable to fit it over your knuckles.   Adding a basic ring guard is $7.00 and can be done in less than 5 minutes and adjusted. A butterfly ring guard is custom made to each ring and is soldered into the band. These flex to take the ring on and off but hold tight when the ring sits on your finger; without it being uncomfortable. These generally cost $90.00. We can also add gold balls to the inside of the ring to keep it from spinning on your finger. These typically cost $20.00.

  • Restring: We will no longer be restringing pearls.