Things to Know:


  • If we are required to supply the materials needed to make a piece and the customer is not leaving us any material/items to use, we require a deposit of 20%.
  • Deposits are non-refundable (even if the customer does not take the piece).
  • Even though we keep possession of the piece, we do experience cost and labor that we cannot return. 


  • If we make a piece and the customer is not satisfied, we correct any problems at no extra cost UNLESS more supplies are needed.
    • If the piece is finished but does not look like the image provided we will remake the piece at no extra cost.
    • If the design of the piece is changed by the customer at any point, there may be cost to change it. 
    • If the stones set were not the ones originally discussed, we will replace them with the correct ones at no cost. If the stones set were correct, but the customer desires different stones, there is only cost to change the stone if the new stone is more than the original. 


  • As with any purchase, the customer is responsible to bring the piece in AT LEAST every 6 months to have it checked and cleaned to ensure the safety of the settings and any stones. This service is always FREE and any piece can be brought in as often as you would like.
  1. ​​​lost diamonds (up to 0.05ct) and colored stones (up to $150) will be replaced no charge
  2. ​center diamonds and larger colored stones will be replaced at customer cost
  • Any damage that results due to things including (but not limited to) normal wear and tear if not checked every 6 months, stepping on the piece, or hitting it on a hard surface is NOT covered and any cost to repair it is the responsibility of the customer.

The Process

Getting Started:

     In some cases, a wax mold is created. These molds show the detail, shape, and design of the piece and will have holes where the stones are to be set. Fine details are not visible on the wax and are added on to the piece after it is casted. If one is necessary we give the customer the option to come in and approve it before finishing the piece or we simply finish it when the mold is received.

These are some examples of the custom work we have done for customers recently. Some of the images on the left are a slide show with multiple images of the piece.

    Meet with the jeweler and speak with him about what you want out of a piece. Discuss things such as size, fit, metal type and stones. Also discuss style and other fine details. This is a completely
FREE estimate. Bring a photo or reference an existing piece to determine what the cost of creating that piece would be and other important factors such as time frame and required materials.

Create Custom Jewelry

We can create a custom piece that is everything you desire. There is no job too big or too small for our master jeweler. We do not charge a premium cost to create a piece. It typically takes 10-14 business days to create a piece (this varies based on how detailed a piece is). Cost is determined on size, type of metal used, stones, and overall difficulty to create a piece. Cost can be brought down if the customer has their own gold/platinum/sterling silver and stones to be used in the customized piece.

Never settle for "close enough" again.

Let us help you create the piece of your dreams.