Condition does not matter!

Examples of things we do buy:
  • Anything Gold, Platinum, or Sterling Silver including, but not limited to:
    • complete pieces, old/vintage items, broken jewelry, jewelry pieces, gold teeth, silverware, coins, etc.
  • Designer Jewelry
    • designer jewelry is given a buy/trade value based on weight, condition, and name of designer
  • Jewelry with stones
    • diamonds under .50ct will be included in the overall weight of the item
    • diamonds over .50ct will be given an extra amount added to the overall weight of the item
    • all colored stones will be included in the overall weight of the item
  • Diamonds
    • lose diamonds over .50ct with a fair color and clarity and no cracks or chips
      • if diamonds are not in demand, we do not purchase (we will give a value on them if interested to know value to sell elsewhere)
  • Colored Stones
    • we have a large selection of colored stones and it is rare that we purchase lose colored stones
        • they must be fair quality and cannot have any scratches or chips
        • must be a stone we do not have a large amount of
    Examples of things we do not buy:
    • Watches
      • we do not purchase watches UNLESS they are solid gold
      • we do not sell used watches and as a result we do not purchase them
        • rare exceptions: Rolex and other high end watches
    • Metals other than gold, platium, or sterling silver
      • we do not purchase stainless steel, tungsten, or titanium
        • items that do not sell are scrapped and these metals cannot be scrapped

         Gold prices change on a daily basis and we strive to offer top dollar for the items that are brought in. As gold prices go up and down, so does the amount you would receive for a piece. As long as the piece is gold, platinum, or sterling silver we are always interested in purchasing it from you.
         Condition of the pieces brought in does not matter; we will purchase broken pieces and those that are missing stones. We cannot guarantee that we will purchase an item without seeing it and an estimated purchase/trade value cannot be given without examining the item. To know if we will purchase an item and what amount it would be worth, please bring it in and speak to one of our associates. 

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    We Buy and Trade Gold, Sterling Silver, and Platinum.

    Any time we purchase a piece, we purchase them at scrap value.  We strive to offer top dollar for items that are brought in. We encourage people to shop around for the best offer and most times they do come back to us because we are always fair and honest.

    Below you will find charts illustrating the value of gold, sterling silver, and platinum at the current moment. These charts update automatically every minute (during the weekend stocks are closed and will display prices from the Friday before, but charts will update every Monday morning).

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